Managing your stress level is vital to your overall health. Your body is an amazing machine with complex components working together in an attempt to keep you healthy. When you are less stressed, your body and mind have more to offer.  

Impact stress has on your health

Stress is a natural phenomenon and can give you the strength and adrenaline you need in certain circumstances, but too much stress can damage your health. In fact, high levels of stress actual change how your brain chemical and physical functions.  

  • Stress can cause your muscles to tense up and can lead directly to tension headaches, cramps and other painful symptoms. 
  • Your blood pressure is sure to spike during extremely stressful situations and if this becomes a pattern, serious long-term and life-threatening damage can take place. 
  • Stress is hard on your digestive system and can change what nutrients your body receives. 
  • Increased stress can also affect your hormones and emotions; what can lead to depression, insomnia, fertility problems, and more. 


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Health benefits of having low stress

  • Having low levels of stress boosts your immune system and lowers your risks of developing illnesses, from the common cold to heart disease. 
  • You will experience an increase of energy that will in return, increase the amount of exercise and healthy sleep you get. 
  • Your brain will be able to focus more and your emotions will be in check – less irritability, anger, etc.  
  • Successful long-term stress management can increase your lifespan. 
  • Low stress will promote an overall healthy psychological & physical state. 

Easy ways to decrease stress  

  • Take a break & separate yourself from your stresses. 
  • Exercise – you don’t always need to hit the gym, try walking, hiking, or even just stretching to be better in tune with your body.  
  • Meditate, rest, and get plenty of sleep – your brain needs a break, maybe you just aren’t getting enough rest. 
  • Have fun with your friends – research shows that you smile, laugh, you get your brain into a happy place.  


Health tip: When you get stressed or anxious, people often tell you to focus on your breathing. This is why meditation-based exercises like yoga — which pair stretching and strengthening your muscles with deep, focused breathing — are so good for alleviating chronic stress. – by the Medical Daily 

In summary, decreasing your stress levels will help you feel better physically and emotionally. Taking the time out of your day to de-stress will allow you to have the energy you need to exercise and take better care of your body. Our Urgent Care is happy to provide you with health tips for you and your family!